Canon Powershot G2 Camera

Canon Power shot G2 Camera

This page is really a place to put the camera manual.

I was unable to select the Macro mode on the camera and had to turn to the manual to find out why.

The obvious thing was to go to the Canon website where I was to select my region internationally, then Europe, then browse to the model of the camera, then to the support and drivers page where I had to select my camera model again, then to the brochure page because there was nothing else to suggest a manual where I found I was in fact correct it was the right place for the owners manual, butĀ  then I had to select my camera model again and then I was presented with the search results – there are no manuals found for this model.

Perhaps you want to see my article on built for landfill??

As it happend I was able to findĀ  it on my computer but since the problem had first appeared while at work, I figured it would be better if it was up here on the web.

So not only does it help me, but also all those other Powershot G2 owners too.

The Canon Power shot G2 Owners Manual.

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