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One of the more exciting aspects of wordpress theme development is how it performs.

Is it fast? Is it slow? Is it good on just my computer? How does it load on yours?

The guys over at Google Labs have come up with a useful tool to evaluate this.

Located at Page Speed Online the report will allow you to sleep easy at night or kick start you into burning the midnight oil if needed. Surely we all care about our readers and their experience on our site, right?

Thankfully in the original incarnation of my home page, I’ve gained a score of 81 out of 100 before any optimisation.

Being told you ought to optimise your site is one thing, but would you know how or where to start? Start off on the right foot for the Google Labs report will point you in the right direction and show you where the laws of diminishing returns for effort begin. High priority shows you where to achieve the biggest gains in speed while low priority shows you where you’ll end up with the smallest gains for hours invested.

Useful eh?

Thanks guys!

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