1932 A True History of the United States

This 1 hour and 40 minutes video is an excellent historical perspective on events that shaped the 20th century from the perspective of finance and the UK and the USA’s special relationship. It also touches on Frances involvement in the middle east which perhaps shows why she has also been in the news recently with the civil unrest and rioting that has been going on including the opening phase of the no fly zone in Lybia.

Providing a foundation from Great Britain’s Empire built on protectionism and slavery with Britannia ruling the waves with her extensive maritime fleet, the development of the Railway provided a threat to Great Britain’s world dominate position via sea faring with faster travel for goods and services by rail. The narrative takes us through a perspective on how Great Britain dealt with this risk together with political moves from the German Royal Family in Great Britain together with the political manipulation and manoeuvring between Great Britain and the United States of America.

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