Thunder Pants or Underpants?

The question every motorcyclist arrives at on a hot sunny day

Do I ride in Jeans or end up over heating in all my biking gear?

We know Jeans are NO protection in a spill but they offer greater comfort at the other end as you walk about eating your bag of chips. Or you dress correctly and then end up being baked by the sun as you strut around your destination, bag of chips in hand. Its enough to get you back in the saddle just to cool down.

As I pondered this question in this little heat wave we’re enjoying the answer I came up with was a pair of shorts. That is a pair of longish thin cotton shorts, combat style. I wore these under my biking trousers and being so light I didn’t notice them until I got to the destination. If you’ve the space for a change of foot wear, open sandals anyone? its even better and they take up even less space.

We’re only too used to wearing a T shirt under our biking jackets this worked out really well for me.

Hey what a delight!


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