Browsing through some WordPress Resources I came across this Wordle widget on Brandon Suttons website, a page entitled The Words We Choose.

The words we choose are important because they convey to others in subtle ways the way we feel about things and more importantly about ourselves in the context of the subject we are talking about.

On the Wordle widget page there is a tool that allows you to check a bunch of text, or a URL, and I wondered what a word map would reveal about myself, in the context of what I’ve posted here. Since I am moved to write about these things I felt it would give an interesting window on what I was currently feeling was important to me. The bigger the word in the Wordle the more frequently it appears in my writings and presumably the more time those words rattle around in my head. I guess this is where my action needs to be directed.

This is what I got:

www.Concept9.co.uk Wordle to 14/08/2011

www.Concept9.co.uk Wordle to 14/08/2011

Further I felt this tool would make an interesting contribution to a Sales and Marketing type scenario to find common words associated with some product or service research.

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