Infowars and Mindless Terrorisim

How modern education is brought together.

Image of School Classroom

The learning cycle

The 9/11 theme continues.

Being concerned about the level of ‘non belief’ by the population to the “official” story behind the events of 9/11 we now how have an official resource for the official teaching of the official story to ‘help clarify what really happened on 9/11 and to allow teachers the proper resources to teach about these tragic events’.

You really couldn’t make this up could you.

Mindless Terrorisim and School History

Teaching Resources for the indoctrination of the up and coming Surfs

Don’t do your own critical thinking or research for yourself. It only leads to confusion. Instead follow our officially researched story and it will all be ok.

All you need to know is some history surrounding the Middle East, that Britain lied over a promise of land and rights, and that a man in a Cave in Afgahnistan didn’t like the way things were panning out for the Muslims and as a result, through Mindless Terrorisim, decided to teach the USA a big lesson.

Collect your own official teaching aid here.

Its an outstanding work of some facts mixed with complete fiction wrapped into the education system in an effort to re-write history. This is an outstanding example of where our education system has arrived at today, producing our adults of tomorrow.

Possibly the horse has already left the stable since 1 out of 4 under 24’s are apparently not as stupid as the people running the program think they are, for they already see that the official story does not add up, which is why they’ve introduced the official teaching materials of the official story.

The paradox is that you cannot have a highly educated population and then expect them to accept a hypothesis based on the laws of physics and chemistry that does not add up. This is the trouble with raising the educational bar to higher education that these children are bright intelligent kids that understand so much. Meanwhile the people behind the fascia, our political leaders who weren’t the brightest among the class, why they went into politics instead of engineering, are behind the curve. The other side of this paradox is the engineers are too busy being engineers to consider the political landscape and the result is they end up being employed or used by the people turning the deals.

Having had a look at these materials I can honestly say the problems still remain. They just gloss over the bits that don’t add up and refer you to the official story, which is the problem, it doesn’t address the issues and it doesn’t add up.

By way of example, on the subject of the NIST/ FEMA report and question of explosives, the line is given that no tell tale explosive residues were found in the wreckage. If you actually go to the NIST/ FEMA report and look at it, it will tell you they never even looked for any. That doesn’t mean they weren’t there. It means they never looked for any.

If you look at the people behind the NIST/ FEMA report some of the team, including Matthys Levy, before he joins the Official reporting team, is on record as saying this IS a controlled demolition. Having joined FEMA you’d think he’d atleast take a look. But no they don’t. Controlled Demolition is dismissed and is not even considered as a possibility.

Independent analysis has shown extensive tell tale residue of explosive and Thermite by-products in wreckage. Who performs these independent analysis? The very people with the higher education.

The problem with the Conspiracy Theory is it does not come from people without an education. Quite the opposite. The better your education the more likely it is that you will question the given evidence. A dumb population is a compliant population.

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