Using Google Earth to monitor Sea State

When the wind is howling outside or your interested in a little light hearted passage planning, the National Data Buoy Center’s Google Earth map enables you to get real time data and sea state information.

Google Earth National Data Buoy

Google Earth National Data Buoy Showing UK

Across the world, where ever they have made buoyage data public, you can get this information. From Hurricanes in the Caribbean to Cyclones in the Pacific and of course, the Channel Light Ship in the English Channel.

What sort of info is available? Not an exhaustive list but includes…

Water : Wave height, wave Period, water temperature

Wind : wind direction, wind strength, direction, max gust strength

Atmosphere : Dew point, Barometric pressure

Plus if you want it, historical data. Useful if your planning a cruise and wish to know what the prevailing winds or sea state is for a given time of year.

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