How to make money

So here we are. The truth about how to make money using nothing than what you have to hand. This is true story of the value of today’s money.

BBC Story about new coinage made mostly from Steel

BBC Story about new coinage made mostly from Steel

The UK Treasury is interested in making 5p and 10p coins from Nickle Plated Steel. Ideally if Steel didn’t rust, they would dispense with the Nickle Plating too.

So that’s it. The Cuprol Nickle coins are out as cost saving measures come in to play. What is Steel worth today compared to Copper? A whole lot less and that is where the saving is.

An easy way to make money is going to be to gather up all the old 5p and 10p coins, the older the better. The older the coin is, the more the quantity of precious metals it carries.

Pop these into a pot, boil until liquid, then filter off the Copper material. Take this Copper material down to the scrap yard and exchange for cash. If you’re wise, or not desperate you’ll hang on to it a little longer as no doubt the faulting economy is going to have the BoE considering more Quantitative Easing which will lead to further inflation leading to yet higher commodity prices, more devaluing of the currency and the result equals you pay more money for precious metals.

Sales of Metal Detectors may initially rise, but soon, there won’t be any 5p or 10p coins left in the ground as they will in time simply rust away.

What do you think will happen next? 50p’s? One Pound Coins? It won’t be long before the money in your pocket has no value at all.

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