Securing WordPress File Permissions

Here’s some resources I found helpful when setting up another WordPress site on a shared hosting platform.

Wishing to harden the installation there are the three resources I found most helpful

I had been using FTPSurfer but found the file permissions options to be less than ideal.

As recommended by these articles I switched to Filezilla, an open source FTP client. This facilitates entering the required folder/ file permissions by numbers and also has the ability to change just directory permissions or just file permissions recursively through the directory tree.

Filezilla is also available as a PortableApp. Checkout the PortableApps site. Its a great resource and a fabulous way to manage your software.

In the end on this shared platform I settled on the following

  • 755 for directories
  • 644 for files
  • 600 for wp-config.php

WordPress Security Resources


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