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Being ‘self brought up’ in the sailing community and living in South London at the time, somewhat bereft of sailing water and sailing community, the books I read tended perhaps to lean towards the sailing under dogs, or those the sailed small boats to far away places.

Image of the Paradox Micro Cruiser

The smaller the boat - the bigger the adventure

Perhaps its just that sailing to far away exotic places in a 40 foot boat with almost every conceivable extra aboard, leaving the only perplexing question to be ‘what dvd film should we watch tonight?’ as perhaps not being the place where legends and true adventurer story’s are made.

So it became the likes of Tristan Jones series of books aboard Sea Dart that cornered my attention, Sailing just for Fun by Charles Stock in his 19 foot boat Shoal Waters, or Collin Mude aboard Soprano that gave an engrossing yarn worth the time to read.

Some people may enjoy picking up the The Times newspaper over sunday morning breakfast, but for me, I like to keep up with Dylan Winter on www.keepturningleft.co.uk who is making a slow circumnavigation of the UK in his 19 foot Mirror Offshore he loving calls ‘the slug’.

But the Micro Cruising world is alive and well. Its almost like the QRP amateur radio world, there is a much greater interest than first appears. Perhaps its just too easy for commerce to offer us bigger is better and ignore the little man. Trouble is there seems to be too many little men that are just getting on with it and probably having much more fun than the big man – the smaller the boat the bigger the adventure.

Here’s a some resources that I’ve found eating away more than a couple of hours that I didn’t realise but didn’t notice cause of the enjoyment.

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