MingMing and Roger Taylor

Not every day that one stumbles into someone who is eerily similar to yourself.

Well, Roger Taylor is a man who is ‘doing it’ in his Junk Rigged Corribee named Mingming with several Atlantic crossings including the Jesta Challenge and the Azores and Back.

The Corribee is from the stable of Newbridge boats, of which I own the Junked rigged Hajra. But the similarities between us even came down to us having chosen a very similar style logo photo, but they end that there is currently no water under my keel. 🙁

Roger has made several youtube video’s of his ocean sailing in a 21 foot boat, together with his thoughts, experiences and views of the world. Its worth a nautical read.


Image of Roger Taylors website www.thesimplesailor.com

Roger Taylors website www.thesimplesailor.com


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