Aerial Erectors

Stumbling around on the ‘net came across a site hosted by ex-RAF aerial erectors.

Their site details a myriad of mobile aerial systems from the 1940’s to 1970’s

These include the standard 88 ft. and 118 ft. guyed metal poles and the standard 70 ft., 90ft. and 120 ft. self-supporting wooden lattice towers. The Works Services (MPBW) was responsible for the erection, maintenance and dismantling of these types of aerial support.

Aerial types include The Delta matched Horizontal Single Wire Half-wave Dipole, Three-wire Folded Half-wave Dipole, Eight-wire Cage Full-wave Dipole Aerial, Eight-wire Cage Quadrant Aerial and an “L” or “T” Type,  Two-wire MF Aerial.

Many types are illustrated with various drawings showing mechanical details, erection methods, and guying. Lots of stuff for inspiration.

Image linking to website Ex-RAF Aerial Erectors

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