Long Range Wifi Networks

A really ‘Wow!’ packed journal covering all aspects of creating a Wifi based infrastructure in the developing world. Full of all the stuff you need to know with plenty of stuff you can make depending on your experience. An incredible book released under the Creative Commons license.

Image of Wifi antenna

A long range Wifi Network Antenna

The overall goal of this book is to help you build affordable communication technology in your local community by making best use of whatever re-sources are available. Using inexpensive off-the-shelf equipment, you can build high speed data networks that connect remote areas together, provide broadband network access in areas that even dial up does not exist, and ultimately connect you and your neighbors to the global Internet. By using local sources for materials and fabricating parts yourself, you can build reliable network links with very little budget. And by working with your local community, you can build a telecommunications infrastructure that benefits everyone who participates in it.


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