Who oiled your chain?

Being out and about around the bike today I thought I’d take a moment to talk about oiling your chain.

Who am I? I am a nobody really so this is only my two pence worth, my humble opinion, a point of view.

There are many products that offer chain protection, the last I was offered being a wax lubricant. As I am from the days before before technology was introduced to the marketing department of companies, i tend to rely on time tested engineering principles rather than the ‘man from the marketing department’. Here in pictures is the results of relying on EP90 Gear oil applied with a paint brush rather than some new wonder formula. Have you got something to say on this topic? Whats been your experience with modern wonder products? Let me know.

Years ago when I had a post office red Kawasaki I did buy some wonder product spray on grease. With my mint clean bike I sprayed this grease that shot out of the can and covered everything except the chain. The worst thing about it being the grease was bright pink in colour against my red bike, and boy did it stick. Everything other than the chain. It took me half a day to clean up and I still had a problem that my chain needed lubricating.

This is my pot and with it the brush to apply it. Its whats inside that counts – not the outside.

My Oil bucket and brush

My Oil bucket and brush

I like to oil the chain after a ride. Yes! Really I do!. The oil then has time to ‘soak in’ before the next ride.

This is what it does to the back wheel. Yes thats oil on the tyre, but as I think about it, if I lean over enough I do sometimes find the back end initially giving a little slip but then the wheel scrubs off the oil against the road and its not a problem. if it was a problem do you think I’d still ride like this?

Image of oily bike tyre

The oily tyre – never ride with oil on your tyres – wot?

But when you take a closer inspection, this is what you see…

Image of Rear Sprocket on Yamaha Faser FZ6

Rear Sprocket on Yamaha Faser FZ6

Image of faser FZ6 chain with EP90 Gear oil Lubrication

faser FZ6 chain with EP90 Gear oil Lubrication

The mileage on this chain and sprocket set is currently 19,000 miles. The chain has needed adjusting once. If the oil on the back tyre was a problem do you not think I might have fallen off by now?

But that’s not all…because up top is…

Image of Scot Oiler and Yamaha tool kit

Scot oiler installation up under the seat. Still got the manufacturers tool kit – never been used.

and the bottom end, everyone who see’s it says its in the wrong place. What does the wear tell you?


Image of Scot Oiler bottom end installation Yamaha Faser 600

Scot Oiler bottom end installation Yamaha Faser 600

So the question ‘who is oiling your chain’ is really is it a marketing department or an engineering principal? Considering EP90 gear oil finds application in demanding gear crushing mechanics, do you think a namby pamby wax is going to cut it?

A sticky grease is going to stick to what ever it sticks to but isn’t then going to be free to move into the deeper parts of the chain linkage.

Excess oil like this is thrown off the chain soon into the ride where upon the Scott Oiler provides a diligent drip feed to keep things lubricated. The bike doesn’t look pretty with everything covered in oil but then again oil protects metal from corrosion. Can your Ego cope?

Yes I have commuted on this bike to and from work, about 5,000 miles of it, and yes i have been through the worst rain storms I have yet ridden through as commuting you ride to a schedule not to the weather.

Like I said, I’m a nobody. This was just my two pence worth.

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