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Image of Alan Sugar's autobiography book 'What you see is what you get'

Alan Sugar of Amstrad, the darling of the UK Stock Market

Unashamedly a bit of a book plug as I throughly enjoyed this book, ‘What you see is what you get’, my autobiography by Alan Sugar.

It gives an insight into ‘the behind the scenes’ rise of the UK Electronics industry through the 1970’s, into the emerging 1980’s Computer Industry where Amstrad came up against Sir Clive Sinclair, the man behind what we know as Sinclair Research, was in his early days known as Sinclair Radionics Ltd

The point of this post isĀ  to add some visuals to the business rivalry between these two companies as Alan Sugar got his business going in the Hi-Fi industry. Less recognised, this is also where Sinclair Research got going too.

This post is just a container for some of the adverts run by these companies at their early days. To me they bring to life by pciture some of the narration that Alan makes in his book, that Lasky’s being a major retailer in his early days being his route to market where he found his customers. Before the birth of the computer industry it was Radio, Tv, and Hi-Fi that created the waves of new technology where the big brands of the 1980’s found their roots.

Sinclair Z30 advert

Sinclair Z30 advert

Alan Sugars book ‘What you see is what you get’ is a great journey into the UK through the 1960’s 70’s, 80’s and how technology developed through this time. Also how Alan developed his products and brought them to market. There is some surprises too as to some other big name companies reveal their origins. The book is of course a thorough mix of business and technology and for this is an engrossing read, and, a great source of inspiration for any aspiring entrepreneur in how to go from ‘Rags to Riches’.

Image of Sinclair Stereo Sixty

Sinclair Stereo Sixty


Lasky's Showroom for Hi-Fi

Lasky’s Showroom for Hi-Fi


Lasky's Hi-Fi Store outside

Lasky’s Hi-Fi Store outside


image of Sinclair IC-10 Amplifier

Sinclair IC-10 Amplifier

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