Sailing the ICW in 2012

Image of Sailing the ICW2012

Sailing the American Inter Coastal Waters in 2012

A really great video blog of pure sailing adventure and what you can do on the will to go and a micro budget. Great stuff.

Roger buys a yacht on Ebay and sails solo down the Intracoastal Waterway on the east coast of the USA from October to December. Youtube made the vid/sound out of sync hence blank spells where it catches up and some stills missed. Disappointing upload as video quality also reduced. Weathers hurricane Sandy in Cape May which was not part of the holiday plan!
Errors in the audio – I keep saying the Petuxant River by Elizabeth City and it is the Pasquatank River. And it is the Pungo River not the Pungwe River (which is in Zimbabwe!). And I apologise for my pronounciation which I’m sure is all wrong.

Published on 18 Feb 2014

Second half of a solo sailing trip down the east coast of America from Hampstead, North Carolina to Key West, Florida by a 70+ year old in a 40+ year old Bristol 30 sailboat I bought on Ebay.


Rogers blog with much more information


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