The God Fathers and the origins of Technology

In the beginning

Alot, or should I say all technology, had to start somewhere. This page takes a look at the birth places of where our technology has come from. In its way, it is the celebration usually of a person, or a small group of persons, who have turned the germ of an idea into something practical and demonstrable.

Usually you can gain an idea of who these people are due to their lack of knowledge about the current trends in the Xfactor, Coronation Street, East-Enders or even Liverpool FC. Often these people aren’t considered ‘social-lites’ yet the irony is what they put together facilitates what we’d collectively summarise as ‘the social networks’.

It also shows that the corner stone of wealth is rooted within an idea. Alternatively, the solving of costly processes by simplification or mechanization are also valid methods to wealth. Real wealth comes from investment in other peoples idea’s. If you have money you don’t need to be clever, you can simply fund other peoples idea’s, and if done enough, eventually you will land one that works. This is why there are two schools of approach. Those that are acedemically good who go on to aquire debt and qualification in the new world schooling [read going to university to become good worker bees] and those who work with money and investment, eg, bankers, Richard Branson, Allan Sugar of Amstrad etc. who usually do not boast any real formal education but are considered barons of industry, growth and employment.


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Worth noting that having put together a working prototype is the attitude of the Home Office to this technology. Another classic example that authorative people ‘in the know’ don’t know.


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So Pin numbers and Chip and Pin are a new technology.

Related posts are going to be Banking and the financial collapse of 2008 except just at the moment I haven’t written it. You’ll just have to be patient.


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