FDK 2700 Multi or KLM 2700 Multi – how old?

In a quest to find out how old the FDK 2700 radio’s are, with little other resource than my head, hearing that the American Ham Radio magazine 73’s archive was now online covering 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s etc era’s, I trawled through them focusing on the adverts with a hopeful eye on a possible review.

First advert I came across was this general Linear Amplifier an Antenna advert. It wasn’t just radio’s they made then….

Image of KLM Goodies, inears an Antenna's

KLM Goodies Linears an Antenna’s

Next up…1975…

Image of KLM Echo 2 mobile transceiver

KLM Echo II tranceiver from 1975

1976 shows this HyGain HF. Can’t help but notice the similarities in design to the FDK 2700 Multi. An extension speaker is on the left, but otherwise we have a manual VFO on the right hand side.

Image of Hy Gain 3750 HF rig from 1976

Hy Gain 3750 HF rig from 1976

An ITC advert from 1975…similar styling leaves me wondering if ITC was associated with KLM in some way…

Image of ITC State Of The Art advert from 1975

ITC State Of The Art advert from 1975

This surprised me…from 1977…

Image of KLM 6 Metre rig from 1977

KLM 6 Metre rig from 1977

Finally, in the May 1977 edition of 73’s magazine. A full page colour advert announcing the new feature packed KLM/ FDK 2700 Multi

Image of the KLM Multi 2700 advert place in 73's magazine May 1977

All colour KLM Multi 2700 advert place in 73’s magazine May 1977

KLM used three full page adverts in this issue promoting this rig together with their Antenna’s and Linear Amplifiers.

How the world looked in 1977…

Image of Apple Logo

The company was founded on April 1, 1976, and incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977

Image of Space shuttle Enterprise

Space Shuttle Enterprise, the Space Shuttle was still in development.


April 22 – Optical fiber is first used to carry live telephone traffic

Image of London red Routemaster bus in Silver colour

25 London Red Routemaster buses for Queens Silver Jubilee are painted Silver

Image of Oracle Headquarters

June 16 – The Oracle Corporation is incorporated in Redwood Shores.

Image of TRS80 1 Computer

The Tandy Corporation TRS-80 Model I computer is announced at a press conference

Image of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll, dies in his home in Graceland at age 42

Image of Voyager spacecraft

August 20 – Voyager program: The United States launches the Voyager 2 spacecraft

Image of Commodore 2001 Series PET

September 3 – The Commodore PET computer is first sold

Image of Guillotine Algiers

September 10 – Hamida Djandoubi’s is the last guillotine execution in France

Image of the Atari-2600 Game System

The Atari 2600 game system is released

Image of Shawn G. Chittle (left) and DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore

New York City blackout of 1977,
looters stole DJ equipment

Image of a Poster for Saturday night fever movie

November 10 – The Bee Gees release the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, which will go on to become the then best selling album of all time.

Image of an early Internet map

TCP/IP test succeeds connecting 3 ARPANET nodes (of 111), in what eventually becomes the Internet protocol

Image of static display Lockheed Have Blue

December 1 The Lockheed’s top-secret stealth aircraft project, designated Have Blue, precursor to the U.S. F-117A Nighthawk, makes its first flight.

Image of 1987 Porsche 928 S4

September 28 – The Porsche 928 debuts at the Geneva Motor Show

11 comments to “FDK 2700 Multi or KLM 2700 Multi – how old?”
  1. Owned one new back in day, about 5 years ago found one at reasonable price. Clean box but needs TLC. Always thought it was the coolest box around for the time. Almost as funky as the Brimstone all mode of the era. Thanks for the service manual I needed it badly!!!
    McKinney Texas USA

  2. I am also the owner of a GOOD old multi-2700 but not from KLM but from FDK and I use this old one regularly together with a lineair 200 P.E.P. and I am still satisfied about the performance.

    Mike Koopsen
    Northsee Island Borkum

  3. I have just got hold of one of these old classics, the origional FDK badged one, looking forward to restoring it and putting it back into regular service. I have tried to download the service manual but the link now seems to be broken :(, any one out there have it and a schematic. Karl. M0KRL. South Yorkshire.

    • Some ‘we sell any manual’ type site was linking to the free FDK Manuals on this site and charging people for it so I tightened the security to break their link. I’ve since relaxed it so it should be working again – if not drop me a note through the comments section. I’m sure they’ll be back at it just as quick tho…

  4. I use yousendit.com to send the large KLM files I have to others. Maybe I sent them to one of the “You pay for it” sites but hope not. My intent was to keep it free for all. Good to see you keeping up the work Alex. BTW… Just got my KLM 2700 working again I think? Had to get a friend to help this time! Now to see if I can remember how to wire a mic for it from the bizarre schematic! Hi …. Rick

  5. I guess you’d better put me on the list, as well. I have an FDK-branded one, ser. #93120, with the FDM-10 hand mic. It has issues, though, so thank you for the documentation, I can send along the schematic & manuals to have a technician troubleshoot it. To use it right now, I have to use the VOX switch to enable/disable transmit. I can get quite a distance on USB with 1W, so I think it’s performing well that way, at least.

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