FDK KLM Brand – Other Radios – Video

A random collection of video’s focusing on KLM or FDK radio’s that illustrate some of their other products.


2E1DXY presents a rather long and boring 2mtr QSO

YouTube Preview Image

Here ia a vid of my retro 1980’s FDK multi 750e operating on FM. I will post another video of it on SSB when there is some activity!

Andy Brown presents an operators guide

YouTube Preview Image

FDK Multi 700E

Einhundertelf presents a silent no voice guide

YouTube Preview Image

FDK Multi 11


HighFlyer186 presents a long and boring QSO

YouTube Preview Image

Another day on 145.325 and it was far from a normal day, mind you, it’s never a normal day on 145.325. This is my new (classic) VHF transceiver the FDK Multi-750x FM/USB/LSB/CW in excellent condition, this video doesn’t do it justice.

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